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At SJR Line-Marking, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional line marking services with a strong focus on superior customer service. As experts in the field, we offer comprehensive line marking solutions across the region of Victoria. Our commitment to precision and quality shines through in our range of services, which includes long-life main road marking, car park line marking, custom paint line marking, playgrounds line marking, school line markings, sports court line markings, truck bays line marking, and factory safety line marking. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and experience the difference in line marking excellence.

Services offered

Line marking service

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0413 224 409

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[email protected]


Melbourne VIC

Opening Hours

Monday:- 07:00 am–07:00 pm Tuesday:- 07:00 am–07:00 pm Wednesday:- 07:00 am–07:00 pm Thursday:- 07:00 am–07:00 pm Friday:- 07:00 am–07:00 pm Saturday:- 07:00 am–07:00 pm Sunday:- 07:00 am–07:00 pm

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